Overlay URL Patterns

Overlay TypeGeorectified?URL Pattern
Tile ServerYeshttp://[servername]/[path]/{z}/{x}/{y}.png
Web Map Server (WMS)Yeshttp://[servername]/[path]?request=[getMap|getCapabilities]

Text in [brackets] you must swap for real URL text, and text in {braces} is for Running Reality to swap for number values.

Map Sources

This is a collection of websites which provide map data. Care should be taken regarding copyright when doing research with an online map.


The open online encyclopedia with a wide range of historical maps.


Map tile server available for an atlas of the modern world.

NY Public Library

Georectified map tiles from the NY Public Library collection.

David Rumsey

Georectified maps from the David Rumsey collection.


Historical maps collection, mostly for Europe, and links to university map collections.

University of Texas

Massive historical maps collection.

Library of Congress

Historical maps collection, including the Sanborn fire insurance maps.

Cartoteca Digital of Catalunya

Maps of Spain, georectified using KML.