Troubleshooting the App

Desktop / Laptop App Installation

Your operating system has checks to prevent malicious software being installed and run on your machine. The Running Reality app is cryptographically signed to assure you of our identity and to meet these requirements. However, the app can still trigger warnings depending on your computer's specific settings. See details below for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.

Microsoft Defender is blocking the installation

On Windows 10 (and newer), a subsystem of Windows Defender known as the SmartScreen may give a warning for the Running Reality installer. Clicking 'More info' in the warning window makes a button appear to 'Run anyway' which lets you proceed.

On Windows 7, 8, and 9, Microsoft Defender, known previously as Windows Defender, can give warnings about downloaded software. If you right-click on the installer file, then select 'Properties' from the menu, you will get the window below. You can select the check box to 'unblock' the installer from running.

Apple's MacOS Gatekeeper is blocking the installation

Gatekeeper may be configured to only allow applications from Apple's App Store or to require a second-tier of app review known as notarization. To open an app that you downloaded directly, like Running Reality, right-click on the installer, select "Open" from the pop-up menu, then again select "Open" from the dialog box. We are working as quickly as we can to update Running Reality to meet the notarization requirements so Apple can check the app.

If your Mac still won't let you open and run the installer, you may have to change a system setting to allow non-App Store apps. See the figure below. Running Reality is an "identified developer."

I clicked the download button and nothing happened?

Your web browser downloaded the app's installer file, but did not install it. At more than 100Mb in size, the file might take a minute or five to download. You will need to double-click on the installer file to perform the installation.

I'm not sure if my machine is powerful enough?

The system requirements are below:

I ran the installer and nothing seems to have happened?

You may not have sufficient system resources to run the app, like too little free disk space. The installer may have had an error and quit without completing the installation. This will leave a half-installation in place, with corrupted files. See Finding the App's Files below on this page to find and delete the files of the half-installation.

I opened the DMG installer file on my Mac and it vanished. Where did it go?

There are reports that sometimes the window opens behind all your other windows. There is a MacOS Finder bug where DMG windows sometimes open in the back. The easiest thing is to go find the window, using Mission Control, Spaces, or just minimizing windows. Restarting the Finder is the harder fix.

My Mac says it can't start apps downloaded from the Internet?

Apple by default only allows apps from the Mac App Store. However, Running Reality is digitally signed by an Apple identified developer certificate and should be able to run.

I get a "Can not start the JVM" error with suggestions about my antivirus software or a .vmoptions file.?

This means that the installer, launcher, or uninstaller can not start. The top causes of this error are:

I have an older Windows operating system, and Running Reality won't start?

On Windows XP, 7, and 8 machines some web browsers use older 32-bit technology for plug-ins, forcing the 32-bit version of Java to be used. Unlike the 64-bit version of Java, the 32-bit version limits the maximum memory allocation to Java programs about 1.2GB to 1.5GB of memory. We can no longer support the 32-bit version. You may be able to install the normal 64-bit version of Java anyway, along side the 32-bit version that your web browser downloaded by default.

Mobile / Phone App Installation

On my iOS device (iPhone or iPad), the automatic installation didn't work? Can I manually install it?

Yes, to put Running Reality on your phone you can use these manual steps:

On my Android device, the automatic installation didn't work? Can I manually install it?

Yes, to put Running Reality on your phone you can use these manual steps:

App Setup

I got the app running, but the map is totally blank?

The app should first load the low-resolution map, then all the objects (nations, ships, armies, etc.), and then download the high-resolution map in the background. However, sometimes, the objects wait until the high-resolution map has downloaded, which means the software appears to hang for a little while.

Be sure that you are not zoomed in too far to see anything, such as being zoomed in to the center of the ocean so the whole screen is blue.

I got the app running, but the map is really blurry and low resolution?

The higher-resolution maps take longer to load. The rest of the app loads first, then the high-resolution maps appear after the world model is finished loading from disk.

Finding the App's Files

Where has the app been installed? I don't see it in Program Files or Applications?

Running Reality is installed into the following directories on your computer:

Where are the error logs so I can help diagnose an app problem?

Running Reality generates a log file every time it runs, recording major steps is is taking and any errors it might encounter. If you are helping tech support with hunting down a bug or problem, they may ask you to find these logs.


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