Information for Copyright Holders

The Running Reality Organization

The Running Reality Organization refers to the core team of people building the Running Reality project. This Organization maintains the Running Reality software code and data, the application servers, the social media accounts, the software code signing security certificates, and the telemetry systems.

How Running Reality handles citations

Running Reality uses a detailed citation system to both determine the fidelity of each item of data and to ensure the tracking of intellectual property rights.

Running Reality content is comprised of factoids. Factoids are short snippets of computer-readable factual historical data with an associated citation. The factoid format is unique to Running Reality. For instance, nation border geometry must be created unique to Running Reality using the Running Reality editors. This geometry could be known from another reference work, which therefore must be cited to both ascertain the fidelity of the data and the source of the data.

Just like with any other research project, Running Reality strives for solid and thorough citations of reference works. As a work of historical context, we cannot express the level of narrative detail that a work such as a book can. So, we hope that our use of citations also functions as a way for people to find their way to your work once they have found they have an interest in a particular point in history. This should be mutually beneficial for both Running Reality and detailed, copyrighted research work. We hope you agree and please let us know if you would like additional links to your work included so people can better navigate to your work.

How copyright owners may identify infringing information

The Running Reality project will comply with the provisions of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove infringing information.

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