Advertising Policy


Running Reality wants to make sure that its services are always available, which means that we have certain administrative costs that we cover through advertising revenue. We know that some users, especially teachers, use Running Reality in a group or presentation setting. So, we make sure that these people can eliminate ads from their screens if they so choose.

Go Ad-Free

To go ad-free, Running Reality requires that you register your name. This is free for no cost. Running Reality doesn't require any personal information about you, it just needs to ensure only you can use your name.


You are not signed in. To register, sign in from the header above.

Also, when providing links for students to use, you can insert the code student into the URL so that they do not see ads. See the Linking and Embedding section for how.

Running Reality does not share or sell your personal information with any other group, individual, or organization.

Ads Shown

Running Reality uses Google Adsense to show ads on the Running Reality website. We place ads in the desktop welcome panel, the mobile device bottom bar, and in search results. We do not control the content of the ads placed; we only provide the page space. Depending on your browser and Google settings, the exact ads shown are based on your personal browsing history, the content of which is unknown to Running Reality.

Google uses web browser cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites. You may opt out of these cookies through Google's settings.