Yorkminster, York, UK
Yorkminster, York, UK.

Running Reality for Genealogy

Running Reality can show the world of your ancestors, what was happening around them at the time, and who else was living in those places.

Why this project might be of interest

Running Reality tries to show the world as it was on any given date in history and at any point on the world. Are you researching your family history and learning about the places from which they emigrated? For many of us, the changes in national borders over the past hundred years means that a modern map would show our ancestors' city being in a different country from the one they actually departed.

Running Reality can import a standard GEDCOM genealogy file from your genealogy software and show your family on a map of what the world looked like 100 years ago or 150 years ago.

Sharing your history with your family

We're making it possible to share with your family a timeline you create: