Submission Policy


To submit history data, you must be signed in from a Running Reality account or other public account such as Facebook or Google. Running Reality doesn't require any personal information about you, it just needs to ensure only you can submit, edit, and review factoid information in your name.

To submit history data, you will need to agree to the following:

Submission Agreement

I agree that by submitting this factoid data: I grant Running Reality a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the factoid data as part of its world history model; I understand that I retain copyright over my own work and do not have shared copyright over any other factoid data; I understand the factoids will be reviewed under the Running Reality submission policy and that submission alone is not sufficient for inclusion in the world history model or collection of a bounty; I stipulate that I have properly cited all sources of information that were consulted or referenced in the creation of the submitted work;

Acceptable Content

The philosophy of the baseline world model known as "Reality" is that it contain verifiably accurate information. The world "Reality" is trusted by educational institutions and the standard for acceptable content is roughly the same as for a quality historical atlas or textbook. Running Reality does welcome explorations of new and unverified historical data or alternate theories, but those are to be represented in alternate worlds other than the world "Reality."

The purpose of Running Reality is to display ancient to early-modern history. It is not to track ongoing events. Other quality websites exist for that purpose. For this reason: we do not accept factoids past the year 2000 AD regarding borders or movable objects. Road and rail network, or city map, updates past 2000 AD are acceptable and encouraged.


Running Reality uses a detailed citation system to both determine the fidelity of each item of data and to ensure the tracking of intellectual property rights. Factoids submitted as proposals to add to the baseline world model should be referenced to high quality publicly available sources and are subject to vetting for authenticity.

Wikipedia articles are acceptable as citations, however users are encouraged to reference the original source material that Wikipedia may point to, when possible. For example, Wikipedia may point to a map with a known author and publisher, in which case the originating map author is the preferred reference.

Some factoids may require multiple citations: such as when a date is derived from one source, and a location from another. In this circumstance, users are asked to use the "Add Note" feature for a new factoid to record this additional information.

To fix errors, users may propose to "Void" existing baseline factoids. Factoids to void existing data do not delete old data within the baseline world model, and serve primarily as rendering instructions not to display the voided data. If proposing a void, please also submit a replacement factoid when applicable.