Privacy Policy

The Running Reality Organization

The Running Reality Organization refers to the core team of people building the Running Reality project. This Organization maintains the Running Reality software code and data, the application servers, the social media accounts, the software code signing security certificates, and the telemetry systems.

Data Collected

Running Reality collects and records certain user preference and aggregate behavioral data. The user preference data is collected to help return users to their most recently visited locations in history. The aggregate behavioral data is to assess the performance of the Running Reality servers and to identify areas in history receiving the most page-views. For user accounts, the data collected is configurable and to assure only that person can submit historical data edits in their name.

Data Collected Means of Collection Sharing
By the web site:
Historic location visited Cookie Some aggregate analytics recorded
Unique identity, i.e. a user name User account on server No
Email address User account on server No
By the app:
Historic location visited Preferences No
First click on user interface features: sidebar, highlights, object selection Preferences Some aggregate analytics recorded


Running Reality does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If we determine we have collected personal information from a child younger than 13 years of age, we will take reasonable measures to remove that information from our systems. If you are under the age of 13, please do not submit any personal information to Running Reality. We encourage parents, legal guardians, and teachers to monitor usage of Running Reality on any Internet-connected device.

When using a Running Reality lesson plan, there is a student access URL that includes an access key. This key is not unique to the student and does not allow Running Reality to track student behavior. The purpose of the key is that it lets a student -- who may be younger than 13 -- access a resource purchased by a teacher and that is not available to the public. This key grants access to the resource and is used for page/step synchronization, but is not used for tracking.

Data Disclosures

Running Reality uses third-party services for telemetry tracking of the server and aggregate user behavior. Running Reality does not collect or disclose personal identification information to such third-party services, such as email addresses.

Running Reality uses third-party OpenID and OAuth systems for user login, if a user wishes to grant such permissions. This lets users authenticate to Running Reality using OpenID, OAuth, or OpenID-like credentials from Facebook and Google. Using these services means Running Reality does not receive any personal data during authentication beyond a) confirmation of identity and b) email address.

Running Reality uses Google Adsense to show ads on the Running Reality website. We place ads in the desktop welcome panel, the mobile device bottom bar, and in search results. We do not control the content of the ads placed; we only provide the page space. Depending on your browser and Google settings, the exact ads shown are based on your personal browsing history, the content of which is unknown to Running Reality.

Google uses web browser cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites. You may opt out of these cookies through Google's settings.